Mach 1.1
Free Flying

Mach 1.1

Free Flying

Mach 1.1

Mach 1.1 is a paraglider for accomplished acro pilots (not suitable to teach acro). It was designed for efficient execution of all basic acro maneuvers, as well as necessary transitions. On the other hand, it is a perfect tool for those who like to play close to the ground - be it precision flying on obstacles, or dune fiestas.

Mach 1.1

Mach was conceived by Jean Baptiste-Chandelier, a specialist in freestyle/aerobatic paragliding. An especially important premise of the design was to get pure pleasure of the flight feeling, accompanied with capability of fast, dynamic acro maneuvers.

Mach already proved to be perfect for acro competitions. On such a fast, dynamic canopy, fully retaining inner pressure in any maneuvers you can put out a spectacular show.

In order to ensure possibly high inner pressure, Mach 1.1 features new system of inner structural valves, keeping the canopy rigid during e.g. Infinity tumbling.

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The leading edge continues to use FET (FlexiEdge Technology). Elastic rods makes it stiffer and smoother, significantly improving many areas – from easier inflaiton through increased safety to overall better aerodynamics.

The unusual look of the Mach is the effect of using blue ribs, made of special Porcher textile, prepared especially for us. All surfaces are made of standard Dominicotex 41g.

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Mach is manufactured under new technology, employing precision of the laser cutter.
The whole manufacturing process takes place in Poland, under strict supervision of Piotr Dudek himself, ensuring highest European quality.

Design solutions, technologies and other functionalities are listed below in the Technologies section.

Construction solutions

Technologies, concepts

CSG - Canopy Shape Guard

CSG – Canopy Shape Guard – is our unique system controlling canopy coherence. It is because of this system that our wings are equally tensioned, smooth, stable and… simply remarkable.

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LR - Laser Technology

Capabilities of the laser cutter allow for serial cutting of complicated shape narrow elements in large numbers, their optimal placing in relation to structure of the textile and highest possible precision of cut.

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FET - Flexi Edge Technology

The leading edge is closed to the airflow, and its precise shape is kept with laminated cloth reinforcements, incorporating synthetic rods. The rods make the leading edge stiffer and smoother, bringing improvements in many areas – from easier inflation, through stiffening the canopy in flight to improved general airflow.

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ACS - Auto Cleaning Slots

Dedicated slots automatically removing dirt from the wing tips.

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3L - Three-liner

Thanks to introduction of stiffening rods (Flexi Edge Technology) and other internal reinforcements, elimination of one suspension row – from four to three – was possible. In effect, reduced total length of lines led to reduction of the drag, thus improving overall performance of the design.

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Risers functionality

Used solutions

ACT - Adjustable Comfort Toggle

Steering handles with adjustable loop size. Finished with soft neoprene, equippped with a swivel adn Easy Keeper. Optional for all other paragliders. Especially acro flyers and speed riders praise this solution.

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EK - Easy Keeper

Indigenous way to hold the brake handles at the risers that keeps them firmly in place, while both attaching and releasing goes smoothly and easily. Used in most of our handles (TCT, ACT, SCT).

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SS - Speed System

A system of lines and pulleys sewn to the appropriate straps, connected to the bar hanging under the harness. It enables smooth adjustment of the angle of attack during the flight.

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Type – size Mach 1.1
Number of cells 59
Surface flat [m2] 17.00
Surface projected [m2] 14.56
Wingspan flat [m] 9.76
Wingspan projected [m] 7.92
Aspect ratio flat/projected 5.60 / 4.31
Longest chord [cm]  213.10
Shortest chord [cm]  59.70
Lines length (incl. risers) [m]  7.03
Total lines length [m]  335.60
Canopy weight [kg]  5.6
Take-off weight [kg]  55-110
Load test [kg] 123.25
Lines Edelrid: 7343-090, 140, 190, 280; A-8000U 050, 090
Cloth Dominico Tex (41g/m2)
Porcher Hard (45g/m2)