GroundMaster is a light harness designed for groundhandling purposes, for both free-flying and PPG pilots.


Idea: You really need considerable training in order to master your wing to the degree of correct handling it “by feel” only, without even looking at it. It is nothing extraordinary to see experienced pilots playing with their paragliders when there is no weather to fly, as kiting and ground-handling exercises can always teach you a lot.

GroundMaster is a light harness designed for groundhandling purposes, for both free-flying and PPG pilots.

The hangpoints position can be adjusted so that it will emulate your regular harness, from typical paramotor high hangpoints to low and “sporty” free-flying harnesses suspension. There are automatic buckles on both leg and arm straps.

The seatplate and straps have been placed so as to give maximum comfort when training forward and reverse launch, as well as when running. Carefully designed seatplate causes no discomfort in the crotch (as many split seatplates do), neither does it stress the back side of your thighs.

Sure enough, correct straps adjustments is a must.External grips originally covered with a detachable back pocket create sure anchor when trainee needs to be stabilized by other person in high winds.
The harness is available in one size only – ample adjustments make sure it will fit anyone.

GroundMaster harness is not designed for flying, neither has any protector.


Technical Details

Carabiners width [cm] Suspension height [cm] Seatplate width [cm] Pilot’s height [cm] Pilot’s max weight [kg]
max 50 cm adjustable 40 165-195

Harness weight: 1,65 kg (without carabiners)

Dudek Paragliders warns that due to constant process of development the actual product may differ slightly from the one described and seen above or in the manual.
Possible differences will not affect the fundamental design parameters.