Disco 2023
Free Flying

Disco 2023

Free Flying

Disco 2023

Disco 2023: A versatile harness for recreational flying, learning and fun.

Disco 2023

Freedom through versatility

We designed Disco 2023 as a harness for beginner pilots, both for training and recreational flying. However, it is also successfully used in other areas. Thanks to its low weight (only 2.5 kg in size M), you can take Disco with you everywhere. It will be a good companion during the morning climb ending with a glide down.

Features of the Disco 2023 harness:

  • available in 4 sizes: S M L XL, enabling precise size selection,
  • two-piece, flexible airfoam protector,
    – the place for the container with the reserve parachute is located at the back of the harness, behind the protector,
  • the harness is very light and weighs about 2.5 kg in size M,
  • the seat board is made of carbon, contributing to overall low weight,
    – it is possible to install a footrest (not included),
  • attachment points marked with different colors to distinguish the right and left sides,
  • the bottom of the harness is made of thicker and more abrasion-resistant fabric,
  • large back pocket,
  • special radio pocket on the shoulder,
  • special Velcro for attaching e.g. variometers,
  • pockets on the sides, e.g. for a phone or bars,
  • additional pocket located in front of the protector,
  • breathable mesh on the seat backrest
  • adjustable chest strap,
  • large, ball-bearing speed system blocks,
  • camelback pocket with a hose opening.

On longer flights, you will certainly appreciate:

  • multitude and capacity of storage compartments,
  • possibility of installing a footrest and camelback,
  • backrest finished with breathable mesh.

hanks to the thoughtful, minimalist approach to design of the creator of Disco 2023, Sławomir Kubiak, a harness was created that is light and easy to use. This, combined with high quality workmanship and durable materials used in its construction, makes it perfect for everyday flying and as a tool for having fun in any place and in any conditions.
A universal harness means wider possibilities and greater freedom of action!


The pilot’s safety is ensured by a two-piece airfoam protector on the pilot’s spine. Thanks to its flexibility, the entire harness is comfortable to use and takes up little space when packed.
The rescue parachute container is located at the back of the harness, behind the protector.

Comparison with Combo 2023 and the earlier Disco version

We designed Disco 2023, like Combo 2023, in a new style that combines elegant appearance and even lower weight, while maintaining the legendary comfort and durability of Dudek Paragliders’ harnesses, manufactured in Poland.
Compared to Combo 2023, we have optimized Disco for longer flights. We used a different arrangement of the risers, enabled the installation of a footrest, and in places less crucial for overall durability we selected lighter fabrics, which, combined with a carbon seat plate, allowed us to reduce the weight of the complete harness to about 2.5 kg in size M! We wanted the harness to be safe to use in training or playing in the dunes, despite its low weight.

Test the Disco 2023!

If you are interested in our Disco 2023 harness, we encourage you to make an appointment with our Dudek dealer to test it. To do this, visit our website and find the nearest dealer in your area.

Summary of the most important features of the Disco Harness 2023:

  • Lightweight – weighs only about 2.5 kg in size M
  • Versatility – perfect for recreational flying, training and fun
  • Safety – balanced stability and full control over the wing
  • Elegance and minimalism – easy to use and maintain
  • Polish quality – produced with attention to detail in Poland


Size Pilot height
Seat width Suspension height Distance between carabiners Weight of the harness* Load Test
S 165-175 cm 31 cm 44 cm 40-50 cm EN 1651/LTF91/09 EN/LTF
M 173-182 cm 32 cm 45 cm 40-50 cm 2.65 kg EN 1651/LTF91/09 EN/LTF
L 180-190 cm 32.5 cm 46 cm 40-50 cm EN 1651/LTF91/09 EN/LTF
XL 187-195 cm 33 cm 47 cm 40-50 cm EN 1651/LTF91/09 EN/LTF

* Weight with protector, carabiners, speedbar and frontcontainer.

As Dudek Paragliders products are constantly modified, those presented on the website may slightly differ from those currently produced.