Warranty, AeroCasco

Purchase of a new paraglider is a serious expense for any pilot. That is why we cover our paragliders with extensive warranties and additionally offer an AeroCasco insurance against damage and repair costs.



Dudek Paragliders guarantees free of charge repairs caused by the material or production faults along following scheme:

  • For the free-flying paragliders warranty covers 36 months (3 years) or 300 flight hours (depending on what comes first).If the free flying paraglider is used for powered flights, every hour spent in the air should be counted as two (does not apply to dedicated PPG canopies).
  • For the PPG paragliders warranty covers 24 months (2 years)/200 flight hours (depending on what comes first).
  • For the light wings, monoskins, training wings, for speedriding, speedflying, hike&fly, acro, schools or professional users, warranty covers 18 months (1.5 year)/150 flight hours (depending on what comes first).

The purchase date, from which the warranty period begins, is recorded in the airworthiness statement (Oznaczenie zdatności) card. It is usually the same as production date.

Warranty does not cover:

  • canopy colour-fading,
  • damage caused by chemicals or salt water,
  • damage caused by incorrect use,
  • damage caused in emergency situations,
  • damage resulting from accidents (airborne or not),
  • physical damages caused by natural wear of moving parts.

The  warranty is only valid if:

  • flight hours are correctly registered in the logbook of the owner (and possible earlier owners), distinctly marking PPG flights,
  • the paraglider is handled in accordance with the operating manual,
  • the purchaser has not carried out any repair by him/herself (excl. minor repairs with self-adhesive patches),
  • carried out any modifications,
  • the paraglider can be unmistakably identified,
  • the paraglider was being inspected according to prescribed timetable.

If you have ought your paraglider second-hand, ask its previous owner of the paraglider for a logbooks copy (total of flying hours since the date of first purchase).

Note: In case of damages caused by the material or production flaws please contact the dealer that sold you the gear. The dealer will determine further actions.


Standard warranty does not cover repair costs of damages caused by the user or a third party. Since costs of such repairs can be considerable, Dudek Paragliding offers an AeroCasco insurance. It  offers a one time repair of any mechanical damage, no matter how big and who caused them.
The only expenses you will be facing are shipping costs and the share-of-cost amount. AeroCasco can be purchased for a brand new paragliders only (at the purchase). The AeroCasco costs 65 €.

Note: AeroCasco is not available for all paragliders (check before purchase). It can be purchased only for privately used paragliders.
AeroCasco covers only damages occuring while taking-off, flying or landing. Obviously, all faults in the material and manufacturing flaws are covered by normal warranty.
When handing the paraglider for the repair you have to present a card confirming its AeroCasco status. After the repair you will have to cover only the share-of-cost value of 65 euro. AeroCasco is valid for one repair only during covered time.

There is a possibility of extending AeroCasco for one further year. To do this you have to send your paraglider for inspection to the manufacturer not later than a year after the date of purchase. The AeroCasco extension fee is 95 EUR (including inspection). Remember to include the AeroCasco confirmation when you send the paraglider for inspection.

AeroCasco does not cover any of the following: theft, canopy discoloration, damages caused by incorrect storage damage ot transport, damages caused by chemicals, salt water or force majeure.


When damages show to be caused by manufacturing or material faults, please contact your dealer first. He will decide on further actions.