Techno 2023
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Techno 2023

Free Flying

Techno 2023

Techno 2023 - harness for pilots having already some experience, who look for a very light and comfortable gear for cross country and bivouac flights.

Techno 2023

The Techno 2023 harness has been designed for cross country pilots looking for a very light and comfortable pod harness. Due to the large back pocket and low weight, it is also perfect for bivouac flights.

Techno 2023

Basic changes compared to the previous version – Techno 2018:

  • Less weight (from 3.11 to 1.96!).
  • Improved aerodynamic properties.
  • Better comfort, new seat.
  • Lightweight, ball bearing Allen pulleys for speed.
  • Two versions, with and without buckles.

The primary goal in this design was to reduce weight while maintaining high comfort, and to improve aerodynamics by adding a self-inflating fairing in the rear section. Thanks to the hammock-type construction and the use of lightweight materials, it weighs only 1.96 kg in size M. The comfortable backrest and new, ergonomic seat ensure maximum comfort during the flight. A large adjustment range allows for precise adjustment to the individual preferences of each pilot.

Techno 2023 uses a certified, 15cm thick airfoam protector. The rescue parachute is placed in a frontcontainer equipped with a shelf for instruments and an easily accessible safety knife, too. The pod itself protects from the cold and improves the aerodynamics of the pilot. The four-point adjustment of its length also allows one to freely set the angle of the footrest. Under the seat, there is a pocket for a small ballast container or extra luggage. The harness uses lightweight Allen pulleys with ball bearings to improve the speed system’s operation.

The harness is produced in four sizes S, M, L, and XL and two versions: with and without buckles. The second version is the Techno 2023 with buckles – a slightly heavier version (+50 g) for pilots who value the convenience of easily fastening the harness with buckles.

The harness is certified according to EN1651, EN12491 and LTF 09.

Harness available in one color version.



size Height of the pilot [cm]
Distance between carabiners [cm]
Max weight of the pilot [cm]
Weight of the harness* [kg]
S 165-175 44 100 1.92 kg
M 173-182 45 100 1.98 kg
L 180-190 46 100 2.06 kg
XL 187-195 47 100 2.14 kg

* Weight (kg) with protector, carabiners, speedbar and frontcontainer (version without buckles on the chest strap).

In the version Techno 2023 with buckles, 50 g should be added to the weight of the harness.

As Dudek Paragliders products are constantly modified, those presented on the website may slightly differ from those currently produced.