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13 March 2018

Safety notice – band stitching

Despite multi-layered quality control a fault was found in a single Nucleon XX canopy. Namely, in one of the risers additional bar tacks were missing on the band covering inner stitch, where the upper pulley of the speed system is fixed under a cover. This link cannot transmit maximum loads in flight when the additional bar tacks are missing, therefore the paraglider cannot be flown safely.

Probability of this mistake occurring in other canopies is negligible, nevertheless we ask all users of paragliders with similar riser design (Nucleon WRC, Nucleon XX, Report’air, Snake, Hadron and Hadron 1.1) to check whether this joint is complete. In all of aforementioned paragliders the pulley cover is covering the stitches too.

The pictures below demnstrate what needs to be checked:
1. Push away the cover of the upper speed system pulley
2. Check the presence of bar tacks on the band:

If missing stitches are revealed, or in case of any doubts, please contact us or nearest dealer.

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