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29 October 2018

Introductory flights on the Warp wing

Recommendation – Warp paraglider

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Dudek Paragliders

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Warp paraglider

Status/ Date of effect:

From the date of publication

Problem description:

Warp is a high-performance paraglider, dedicated for fast flying, where usually high-powered paramotors are used. Some of these paramotors in certain configurations can cause considerable torque effect which very negatively affects paraglider’s stability, especially at high RPM. We put a lot of effort into many test flights with different paramotors to make sure that Warp will stay reliable in dynamic flight conditions. Nevertheless, due to extremely wide range of paramotor characteristics, we recommend caution during familiarization with Warp’s maximum speed.

When you are first going to test maximum speed of the Warp:

  • a) make sure you have ample height margin (at least 300 m),
  • b) increase your speed gradually, in consecutive steps. Prior to activating trimmers, first try out the speed system alone,
  • c) before moving to the next step, carefully watch the paraglider and its behaviour. The lower surface of accelerated canopy must remain smooth, and the brakes cannot affect the trailing edge. In such configuration steering with the outer (yellow) 2D wingtip line should be possible. Do not pull the inner (orange) 2D line, pulling most of the trailing edge. Directional inputs must be smooth, without abrupt yanking the brakes,
  • d) if any alarming signs are observed (the wingtips limp, roll or collapse) decrease speed and later consult your dealer  or manufacturer, stating detailed characteristics of your gear (incl: take-off weight, wing size, paramotor & engine type and parameters).
    Note! We do not expect any complications, still the novelty of some of the Warp’s solutions makes us recommend only careful experimenting. To put it curtly, better safe than sorry.

Necessary actions:

Introductory flights involving directional steering at maximum speed must be done at a safe altitude,  only gradually increasing speed and watching the canopy.

Time of execution:

Introductory flights.

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