Free Flying / Cross Country


Free Flying / Cross Country


Freeway is a small universal canopy with excellent manoeuvrability and big safety factor (confirmed by EN certificate).


Design and purpose

Freeway is a small universal canopy with excellent manoeuvrability and big safety factor (confirmed by EN certificate). It was designed for those who like to have good fun in the air, including some aerobatics.

It is versatile enough to use a few thermals for a small xc, try some acro, have some fun on the dunes, make a couple of hops from small hill or simply…  indulge in groundhandling for a while.
Freeway’s performance allows for active flying even in thermal conditions, while meagre aspect ratio and considerable wing load mean good stability in wide speed range.

Freeway was created by Jean Baptiste-Chandelier, a specialist in freestyle aerobatic. Obviously, it is intended for already good flying pilots who want to progress their skills even further. It is placed somewhere between free-style canopies (it performs much better than those and is more respondent to the controls) and acro wings (it is safer, but less agile). Since there was no such category so far, we decided to call it a ‘free-way’ class for now.

Simple yet solid design of the Freeway was guided by idea of a small, light and agile canopy for pilots who like to have total control over their paragliders.

The canopy was reinforced by Flexi Edge Technology cores, stabilizing and smoothing the profile at all speeds. Otherwise standard V-supports and RSS were used. The canopy sports 3-liner “>3-row rigging, decreasing overall number of lines and enhancing aerodynamics.
Freeway inflates easily and has great handling – wing control on the ground is a pure bliss. While airborne the paraglider very stable in glide with a knack for fast, deep turns, even more dynamic when augmented with weightshifting.

Freeway’s 20 mm wide risers are simplistic yet comfortable in use. They are equipped with roll-beared Smart Pulleys and multifunctional ACT brake handles with Easy Keeper neodymium magnets.
Speed system when stretched shortens A and B risers by 100 and 75 mm (original length is 600 mm).

Freeway is manufactured in new technology using precision laser cutter.
Complete production process is located in Poland under vigilant eye of the designer himself, thus ensuring highest European quality of manufacture.


Technical data

Name / size
Freeway 19.5
Freeway 22
EN/LTF certificate pending D
Cell number 51 53
Surface flat [m2] 19.50 22.00
Surface projected [m2] 17.03 19.21
Wingspan flat [m] 10.23 10.95
Wingspan projected [m] 8.58 9.18
Aspect ratio flat / projected 5.37 / 4.322 5.45 / 4.387
Sink rate [m/s]
Speed [km/h]
Longest chord [cm] 228 240.5
Schortest chord [cm] 61.5 64.9
Risers and lines [m] 6.85 7.20
Total lines length [m] 308.4 326.6
Canopy weight [kg]
Take-off weight [kg] 50-80 55-100
Lines Technora: 1,2 & 1,3 & 1,5 & 1,8 & 2,3
Cloth Dominico Tex DOKDO 30DFM (hard finish) (41g/m2)
Dominico Tex DOKDO 30DMF (41g/m2)
Dominico Tex DOKDO N20DMF-HD38 (38g/m2)