Hadron Cabrio

Hadron Cabrio


Hadron Cabrio

The paraglider is dedicated for the frequent and experienced flyers, who have perfectly mastered the reflex gliders specifics.

Hadron Cabrio

Design and purpose

You are an experienced trike pilot, averaging several hundred flight hours a year. You can master a fast and agile canopy. You love playing low with slaloms, wing overs, foot dragging etc. Maybe you take part in high-level competitions or plan to beat some world record. If so, you are looking for a really fast and agile paraglider with perfect handling and little power requirements. It has to be turbulence-proof, so the reflex aerofoil is a must… The Hadron Cabrio is the answer!

Hadron Cabrio’s “reflexivity” is regulated, and the trimmer range has been widened. At 5,9 aspect ratio its 60 cells allow for fast inflation and perfect internal pressure distribution. Synthetic rods on its leading edge bring considerably better launch characteristics and stability at high speeds.

Compared to Nucleon WRC Cabrio 42, the Hadron Cabrio has smaller power demand, clearly visible by smaller sink when gliding with power off. Hadron demands more care especially in turbulence, yet still remains stable and safe. Landing is typical with no special traits but short steering range.

Hadron Cabrio as all our paragliders is produced entirely in Europe, at our Polish plant. Thus close monitoring of the entire complicated production process is possible. Hadron is cut exclusively with a recently purchased state-of-the-art laser cutter, under highest precision.



Name / size Hadron Cabrio 34 Hadron Duo 34 (for comparison)
Approval – ULM identification yes
Trimmer yes yes
Speed system no yes
Cell number 60 59
Surface flat [m2] 34 34
Surface projected [m2] 29.68 29.68
Wingspan flat [m] 14.16 14.16
Wingspan projected [m] 11.62 11.62
Aspect ratio flat 5.90 5.90
Aspect ratio projected 4.55 4.55
Sink rate [m/s] min = 1,3  + – 0,2m/s
Speed [km/h] min= 32; trim = 42; max = 57  + – 3km/h
Lines length (incl. risers) [m] 8.93 8.93
Total lines length [m] 466.5 415.9
Take-off weight [kg] 170-300 160-215
Max take-off weight – competition [kg] 325
Distance betwen risers [cm] 60
Paraglider weight [kg] 8.5 8.1
Lines Edelrid A-8000U: 050, 090; 7343: 090, 140, 190, 280, 420 Edelrid A-8000U: 050, 090; 7343: 090, 140, 190, 280, 420
Cloth DominicoTex 41 & 34g / Porcher Hard 40g / SR Scrim / SR Laminate 180g DominicoTex 41 & 34g / Porcher Hard 40g / SR Scrim / SR Laminate 180g