Nucleon WRC

Nucleon WRC


Nucleon WRC

Nucleon WRC is the essence of reflex profile in a new costume, applying Flexi Edge technology. The paraglider is designed both for recreational flyers and record/trophy hunters.

Nucleon WRC

Design and purpose

Nucleon WRC is the essence of reflex profile in a new costume, applying Flexi Edge technology. The paraglider is designed both for recreational flyers and record/trophy hunters. Fast and agile like none other in its class. Perfect inflation and launch.

This is a top drawer gear; the canopy is stable and safe both when flown at minimal and top speeds, with effective speedsystem and trims, precise steering and great agility. It is built to last, so that enormous forces generated in intensive use will not distort the profile over time.

Minor changes in design (like increased arc) caused the wing to be more agile. Special joints between mylar reinforcements and synthetic rods (as in e.g. Hadron) result in easier inflation of the canopy and increased stability of the leading edge. The paraglider launches easily and smoothly rises over your head.
Speed ranges have been slightly widened too. Another news is  the ALC+ (improved ALC steering system) – it is more effective and balanced, so that steering appears to be smoother.
Despite rather minor changes, Nucleon WRC is not covered by the standard version certificates.


After longish testing of the Nucleons WRC (with FET technology) it turned out that relatively minor modifications resulted in surprisingly good effects. A paraglider originally planned for the competitors remained pretty similar to classic Nucleon in terms of safety and stability, with considerable improvement of agility, top speed and launch behaviour.
Thus all those deeming better flying Nucleon more important than having a certificate, should consider obtaining the WRC version (note: this is not a competitor-only paraglider!). ActuaIly it’s so good, that for the time being we do not plan on a Nucleon 2 at all. And since naming the WRC a ‘Nucleon 2’ would be excessive (it does not differ enough), we stick to the Nucleon WRC. Although the WRC in our nomenclature means ‘With Rod Concept’, similarities between Nucleon WRC and fast cars of the World Rally Championships are not lost on us 🙂

Nucleon WRC is an Action/Reaction wing, built around the idea of linear acceleration (equal share of trimmer/speedsystem effect), and limited reflexivity at slow trimmer settings. As a result we got a 100% reflex PPG sport paraglider with top performance, exceptional safety in its class (not worse than already legendary Reaction), and steering characteristics at low speeds similar to the classic profile paragliders).


The Nucleon incorporates a number of proven and some novel concepts improving flight comfort and performance.

  • Upgraded Nucleon features Dudek Flexi Egde Technology. Precise shape of the leading edge is ensured by reinforcements of laminated cloth combined with synthetic rods, which significantly improve launch performance and protect the paraglider against collapses at high speeds.
  • Canpy Shape Guard – unique system controlling canopy coherence along its entire wigspan, practically eliminating any lateral movements.
  • Laser Technology – Nucleon WRC is manufactured in new technology, utilising capabiities of precise laser cutter. The entire production process takes place at our Kowalewo facility, ensuring European quality and personal supervision of the designer himself.
  • Functional risers with ALC+, TEA, ELR, Easy Catch, Speed System, Dudek Smart Pulleys, Trimmers and other


Technical data

Size 23 25 27 29 31 34
Cell number 62
Surface flat [m2] 23,00 25,00 27,00 29,00 31,00 34,00
Surface projected [m2] 19,66 21,37 23,08 24,79 26,50 29,06
Wingspan flat [m] 11,14 11,62 12,07 12,51 12,94 13,55
Wingspan projected [m] 8,95 9,33 9,70 10,05 10,39 10,88
Apect ratio flat 5,40
Apect ratio projected 4,07
Sink rate  [m/s] min = 1,1 ; trim = 1,2-2,0 ; max = 3,0
Speed [km/h] min = 23 ; trim = 37-52 ; max = 67
Longest chord [cm] 245,62 256,07 266,12 275,80 285,15 298,63
Shortest chord [cm] 49,07 51,16 53,17 55,10 56.97 59,66
Suspension length (lines +risers) [m] 7,02 7,32 7,60 7,88 8,15 8,53
Total lines length [m] 373 388 404 418 433 453
Pilot take-off weight DGAC [kg] 65-100 75-115 90-130 100-150 120-165 140-195
Canopy weight [kg] 6,3 6,4 6,9 7,2 7,6 8,0
Lines Technora 1,2 & 1,3 & 1,5 & 1,8 & 2,3
Cloth [g/m2] Dominico Tex 34, 38,41

* include equipment: empty engine (without fuel), harness, wing and pilot itself