Pogo 3 2R
Free Flying

Pogo 3 2R

Free Flying

Pogo 3 2R

The Pogo 3 2R harness was designed for cross country and competition pilots. In the 2R version there is also a frontcontainer present, ready to accept an alternative rescue chute.

Pogo 3 2R

Main point on the wishlist were improvemen in ergonomics of use and  weight  reduction.

The most important changes compared to Pogo 2 are:

  • decreased weight,
  • improved comfort and functionality
  • carbon seat plate and footrest
  • 3-step speed system bar
  • new container
  • new cockpit (featuring additional section and a safety knife)
  • self-inflating back section

Main point on the wishlist were improvemen in ergonomics of use and  weight  reduction.  Due  to  light,  carbon  seat  board  and  footrest,  as  well  as  other  materials  the  Pogo3  weighs  just  4,3  kg  in  M  size.  Comfortable,  ventilated  backrest  and  a  new,  ergonomic  seat  with  a  profiled  board  ensure  maximum  comfort  during  the  flight.    Large  adjustment  range  make  sure  every  single  pilot  will  be  able  to  find  his/her  optimum.  Redesigned  strap  scheme  brings  great  stability  and  significantly  reduces  danger  of  launching  with  leg/chest  straps  not  clipped  in.  The  harness  has  been  equipped  with a 15 cm thick, certified  airfoam protector covered  with  a  polycarbonate  plate. Integrated  rescue  chute  container  is  located  on  the  back,  behind  the  protector.  The  release  handle  is  fixed  in  easily  accessible  area  on  the  right  side  of  the  harness.

In  the  2R  version  there  is  also  a  frontcontainer  present,  ready  to  accept  an  alternative  rescue  chute.

The  pod  shields  the  pilot  against  cold  and  improves  aerodynamic  qualities.  Four-point  adjustment  of  its  length  allows  for  stepless  adjustment  of  the  footrest  too.  Complete  with  integrated frontcontainer it is closed  in  two  points  only.  Both  the  cockpit  and  frontcontainer  have  an  additional,  detachable  instrument  panel,  equipped  with  easily  accessible  safety  knife.    Locking  scheme  of  the  pod  ‘reminds’  the  pilot  to  clip  in  the  chest  strap  as  well.  Under  the  seat  plate  there  is  a  container  for  a  ballast  bag,  too.  The  Pogo3 2R  features  easily  replaceable,ball-bearing  Duroll  pulleys,  improving  the  speedsystem  operation.  Introduction  of  a  self-inflating  flow  around  the  back  of  the  harness  has  improved  aerodynamics  and  flight  stability.

Harness certification: EN1651, EN12491 i LTF 09.

Just one colour scheme is available.


Technical data

Hangpoints height [cm] Seat width  back/front [cm] Seat depth [cm]
Back support height [cm]
Max pilot weight [kg]
Harness weight [kg]
S 43 24/31 43 60 100
M 44 26/33 45 63 100 4.3
L 45 27/34 47 66 100
XL 46 27/35 50 69 100

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