Tow release

Tow release

Tow release

This is a combined bridle, meaning that after releasing there are two separate straps at the harness, one strap in each carabiner. Latest model is made after idea of experienced pilot and instructor Kamil Antkowiak.

Tow release

Such design does not hamper in any way activating a rescue chute in frontcontainer. Leaving the harness after landing is much easier too. Strap system used for attaching the release to tow line can be used with various line endings.

The whole set was thoroughly tested. New release mechanism has little friction and is easier to set up. Release handle is situated closer to the pilot, thus easier to activate.

Release assembly

Right attachment to the harness is of vital importance.
Straps are attached via additional metal rings placed in the carabiners’ loops of the risers. This way prevents twisting of the risers and carabiners degradation. Plus, you can use your tow release as an easy-winch device too.

Quicklinks attaching the release

These are closed quicklinks made of stainless-steel. Their dimensions fit both the risers and release straps width.

Easy-winch device

The release system can be used as well to diminish angle of attack of the paraglider while taking off on tow (some paragliders definitely start better and are safer with this device).

Pictures show assembly of quicklinks on one of the risers. The other is to be assembled likewise.

To use the release as an easy-winch device you need two square quicklinks (C5) and two deltas (D4).