/ Premiere
18 February 2020

Leight harness Sit&Fly 260

The Sit&Fly 260 harness was designed for up to one hour long flights (both downhill and XC). It is ideal for hike&fly, para-alpinism, to take on a journey and all activities prizing small weight and ease of transport. Intended mainly for wings like Run&Fly or V-King.

Sit&Fly is manufactured in three sizes: S, M, L. Due to very light materials used it weighs just 258 g in M size.
Comes eqiupped with AustriAlpin Rocket carabiners as standard. It is adapted for installing a speedbar. The rescue chute can be placed in optional frontcontainer.

Sit&Fly 260 is certified accordingly to EN 1651 norm for a maximum pilot weight of 100 kg.

Optional harness equipment includes: light speedbar with hooks and pulleys, light frontcontainer and Pack&Hike 30 backpack of 30 l volume.

More information on the harness website