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17 May 2021

Production Difficulties

We hoped to avoid problems caused by the pandemic. Unfortunately, despite our efforts, the COVID-19 and ensuing quarantine has also reached a dozen of our production crew.

Therefore we are forced to announce possible delays. We hope that they will only apply to certain orders and will not exceed an additional two weeks. Nevertheless, the situation is uncertain and volatile.

For the complete picture of the situation, there is another factor influencing our production process – timely deliveries of raw materials. Some companies are not able to keep the agreed schedules and in some cases, deliveries are delayed by several months (!). So far, our policy of keeping stocks for several months in advance paid out greatly and managed to keep us out of trouble, but some are close to running out and as we don’t want to neglect quality, our safety margin in this matter is very limited.

Still, there are some good news, too. Since May, we have expanded our production area with an additional hall of 1000 m2 area. At the moment, the facility is being refurbished and equipped with machines. Soon, additional harness production should start there, and in the next stage the paragliders as well.

We keep our fingers crossed for the success of the vaccine campaign and a quick return to normalcy. As soon as the fluidity of the raw materials supply is restored and all of the crew returns to work, we will restart production at full capacity.