Coden Pro
Free Flying / Cross Country

Coden Pro

Free Flying / Cross Country

Coden Pro

Coden Pro is the most advanced competition wing in our offer. With its CCC rating you can take it to any FAI competition.The design team focused on reaching the best compromise between safety and performance.

Coden Pro

Design and purpose

Carefully tuned airfoil provides the Coden Pro with high resistance to frontal collapses even at maximum speed.

Due to the Flexi Edge technology, reduced number of suspension lines, four-part rods and 7.50 aspect ratio the Coden Pro demonstrates excellent performance. At that, maximum possible safety level was attained, as confirmed in successful passing the CCC certification process.

According to new requirements for CIVL competition class paragliders (valid from 1 October 2016), flight tests are to be conducted at trim speed and accelerated by 100-105 mm (difference between A and B risers with speedsystem engaged). The maximum acceleration must not exceed 140 mm.

Because our Coden Pro has passed tests along exactly these lines, we have the newest certificates for all three sizes. As current rules allow use of longer speed systems, all newly produced wings (from the beginning of 2017) will be equipped with accordingly modified risers. The additional speed range will be marked with red lines. The CCC 2017 risers will also feature our new system to hold the steering handles – Smart Lock.

Both the original and current risers are CCC certified and can be used in competitions.

Pilots wishing to upgrade the originals can purchase the current version for independent assembly.

While thermalling the Coden Pro is very predictable, allowing for comfortable flight. Special handles present pilot with precise canopy control when using full speedbar. Progressive steering makes possible both steep turns in strong cores, and flat circles in weak lift.

During long testing hours the paraglider was behaving exceptionally good, and our beta testers univocally praised it.

The Coden Pro is manufactured with new technology, employing precision of the laser cutting. All stages of production are completed in Poland under strict supervision of the designer himself, thus ensuring highest European quality.


All Coden Pro has already passed the CCC tests.
CIVL Competition Class (CCC) is a new category of certification, created especially for the high-performing competition paragliders. It has been in operation since January 1st, 2015.

Test procedure is generally close to EN D standard, the exception being performing the tests only in the upper weight limit, and allowing pilot’s reaction within 3 seconds (5 seconds in EN D standard). Also some of the manoeuveres are not executed.

Design solutions, technologies and other functionalities are listed below in the Technologies section.

Construction solutions

Technologies, concepts

SN - Shark-nose

Airtakes designed and executed in Shark-nose technology meaning specific, concave shape of the reinforced profile area at its leading edge (the name comes form the very shape, reminding shark’s nose).

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P&R - Push & Relax Technology

Push&Relax technology – PPG canopies marked with this symbol demonstrate exceptionally stable flight on full speed bar, that is at high speeds.

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DOA - Dudek Optimized Airfoil

Dudek Optimized Airfoil It incorporates all our experiences stemming form previous designs and as a special feature is optimized with dedicated engineering software.

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CSG - Canopy Shape Guard

CSG – Canopy Shape Guard – is our unique system controlling canopy coherence. It is because of this system that our wings are equally tensioned, smooth, stable and… simply remarkable.

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LR - Laser Technology

Capabilities of the laser cutter allow for serial cutting of complicated shape narrow elements in large numbers, their optimal placing in relation to structure of the textile and highest possible precision of cut.

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FET - Flexi Edge Technology

The leading edge is closed to the airflow, and its precise shape is kept with laminated cloth reinforcements, incorporating synthetic rods. The rods make the leading edge stiffer and smoother, bringing improvements in many areas – from easier inflation, through stiffening the canopy in flight to improved general airflow.

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ACS - Auto Cleaning Slots

Dedicated slots automatically removing dirt from the wing tips.

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2L - Two-Liner

Two rows of lines. This solution is used in high-performance wings to minimize air resistance.

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Risers functionality

Used solutions