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Freeway XX

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Freeway XX

FreeWay XX is a small universal canopy with excellent manoeuvrability and big safety factor. It was designed for those who like to have good fun in the air without too many constraints. FreeWay XX offers a lot of fun indeed - we are sure that even single short flights will bring you as much satisfaction, as covering some XC-route.

Freeway XX

FreeWay XX is a small universal paraglider designed for pilots who want to learn aerobatics without sacrificing performance (like typical acro wings do).

Freeway XX is a new generation of the original FreeWay – both designed by Jeana Baptiste-Chandelier, specialising in freestyle/aerobatic flying. It is dedicated for pilots who already are comfortable in the air and want to progress further. As for its specifics it is located between free-style wings (flies a lot better than those and handles better) and pure acro wings (in this case it’s safer, though not as agile). Since there is yet no such class, for the time being we call it  ‘free-way’.

Design and purpose

FreeWay XX is a small universal paraglider designed for pilots who want to learn aerobatics without sacrificing performance (like typical acro wings do). FreeWay XX is versatile enough to use a few thermals for small xc, try some acro, and them have some fun on the dunes.

Design solutions

The goal of FreeWay XX design was polishing acro manoeuvres to be possibly easy to learn and relatively easy in execution, with no rapid overshooting.
Simultaneously it should fly with reasonable performance and easily stay in the air, be it in thermal or dynamic lift. In order to get this we had to fulfill several conditions:

  • good pitch stability accompanied with dynamic roll behaviour ,
  • short break travel for precise and easy control of the wing
  • good behaviour in basic acro manoeuvres (helico, dynamic
    maneuvers etc).
  • clean design resulting in good performance data.

FreeWay XX was to provide fun and safety at the same time  – that’s why we preferred small sizes for dynamic behaviour and kept modest aspect ratio, so that it could be used with really wide weight range (55-100 kg).

  • Entire body of the paraglider was designed under our CSG (Canopy Shape Guard)
  • Freeway XX is manufactured in Flexi Edge technology.
  • Carefully chosen mix of modern design and best materials make sure the Freeway XX has great durability.
  • All materials used come from registered batches and each production stage can be verified (down to identifying individual worker and quality inspector).

Freeway XX is manufactured with use of precise laser cutting plotter. The production process as a whole takes place in Poland under strict supervision of Piotr Dudek, with highest European quality.

Design solutions, technologies and other functionalities are listed below in the Technologies section.

Construction solutions

Technologies, concepts

CSG - Canopy Shape Guard

CSG – Canopy Shape Guard – is our unique system controlling canopy coherence. It is because of this system that our wings are equally tensioned, smooth, stable and… simply remarkable.

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LR - Laser Technology

Capabilities of the laser cutter allow for serial cutting of complicated shape narrow elements in large numbers, their optimal placing in relation to structure of the textile and highest possible precision of cut.

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FET - Flexi Edge Technology

The leading edge is closed to the airflow, and its precise shape is kept with laminated cloth reinforcements, incorporating synthetic rods. The rods make the leading edge stiffer and smoother, bringing improvements in many areas – from easier inflation, through stiffening the canopy in flight to improved general airflow.

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ACS - Auto Cleaning Slots

Dedicated slots automatically removing dirt from the wing tips.

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Risers functionality

Used solutions